Thursday, July 3, 2014

Having Hart: Part Deux.

Alright, so I decided to make this a little bit easier on everyone. I keep getting some complaints about how long they're having to wait to get their hands on Having Hart. Well, since I am not publishing via Kindle, Kobo, B&N, etc. I offered it in paperback. Now then, I also said you could order through me. Which is true, you can. You have to pay via PayPal, send me your address, wait for me to get copies in, sign them, get them to the post office, etc. 

Oh, you'd still have to wait. 

Here's what you can do instead: 

Having Hart

Yeah, that's the direct link to the Createspace store where you can buy your paperback! 

You still want it signed, you have a few options. 

1) When you get it in you can mail it to me, I will sign it, and mail it back to you. 
2) You can find me at Little Rock Book Jam next year. (Where I will also be selling copies of HH)
3) You can find me out somewhere. I live in Dallas, it's like geocaching except with me. 
4) ... I'm really running out of ideas at this point. 

You get the idea. 

There's your link. Go meet Hart and Marlow. 


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What exactly do the Street Light in Wonderland look like?

Well, it's funny you should ask. You see, it's Tuesday. Which means, it's Teaser Tuesday. Now, I don't have a beautiful teaser to give you all today. No, I have something better. I have your first look and blurb of the book itself. 

Are you ready? I am so, so ready. 

Here is your blurb: 

"Suicide is a word commonly spoken in hushed tones and darkened doorways whenever I was near. It held a stigma that people never seemed to truly understand. It usually preceded words such as: selfish, mental illness, hopeless, damned, and my least favorite, coward.

The word suicide held one specific meaning for me: Eli Nicholas Hampshire. " 

Shainelyn Bradshaw led a normal, happy life, until one night, her boyfriend of two years, committed suicide. 

A year later, Shaine was still trying to figure out her new world without him. 

Grief had consumed every aspect of her life. A once outgoing, bubbly, piano prodigy, now did nothing more than survive.  

Until the day Langston Fletcher burst into her life, breaking down every wall Shaine had built, then standing triumphantly atop the rubble.  Langston turned Shaine's new world upside down.

Langston shows Shaine that there is more to life than merely surviving. He shows her that the entire world is her personal Wonderland, and the best times of her life are yet to come. He's going to make sure of it.

But just when Shaine thinks there is a chance at a life, and maybe even love after Nicholas, life shows her once again, it has other plans.

Sometimes the same ghosts that used to keep you company, come back to haunt you. 

A story of adventures, life, and love.

What else... What... Else... Oh! There is going to be a SLiW novella! Yes, there really is. I usually hate books series. I really, really do. But, you will understand why I chose to write this once you have this beautiful book in your hands. Until then, just be the wonderful, slightly judgmental twats you are and judge me for it. 

You want Having Hart? You got it. You can start sending me your $15 via paypal this week! (Please, please also message me your address. I will not (because I am technologically challenged) get it if you just add it to the paypal thing.) I will place an order on Saturday for however many books I need to get by then

IF you want to wait and get SLiW and HH together(!?!) you can do that! You just have to wait until the end of the month and will probably get both books in August. 

I have one last thing to say and then I'll shut up. I am going to post either the prologue or part of the first chapter of SLiW. Tell me which one you want! Do you want to know how it all started? Or do you want to know how Shaine meets Langston? It's up to you! 

That's all I've got. I HOPE you love the cover as much as I do. 

Have a beautiful day! 


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Street Lights in Wonderland (WYNTK)

Is this the blog you've been waiting for? This blog kind of makes me want to puke a little bit. 

This is WYNTK: What You Need To Know

Here's what's official: 

Street Light in Wonderland has a cover. A magnificent, beautiful cover. I am completely smitten with. If you are a blogger and want to be part of the cover reveal, send me a message, let me know, let's do this shit. If you're a blogger and not interested, go screw yourself. (I'm kidding! ...Sort of.)

What else? Oh, you might be interested in this: 

It has been brought to my attention that the original Alice in Wonderland premiered in theaters (in NYC and London) on July 26, 1951. It seems like a great day to release a book to me. I cannot wait for you to meet Shaine and Langston (but not Hughes). And to take a few words from someone who we will leave anonymous, "This is my best work yet. I would hate for you to miss it." (Except, I won't be pulling mine if you spoil the ending.)

It's also Tuesday. You know what means right? Teaser Tuesday. 

I wish I could express how much I love Langston (but not Hughes). I just hope you all do as well. I cannot wait until you all have this book in your hands. 

Release date - Check!
Teaser - Check! 
Cover Reveal - Coming Soon!! 

Have a beautiful day, 


Friday, June 20, 2014

Who Doesn't Love A...

Sale?! Am I right? I'm right. Thanks for letting me know.

Seriously, both Something Worth Fighting For and Silence are on sale, right now, on Amazon for 99 freakin' cents. How awesome is that? So, if you haven't picked them up, go do that! Right now! Seriously! Better yet, if you know someone that hasn't read them and you think they absolutely need to, gift them! Don't pirate that shit, it makes me want to stab you.

Besides, look how pretty those covers are. Who wouldn't want to see that when they turn on their Kindle? Okay, that was pushing it, but really, they're pretty.

I'm even going to make it easy for you:

Something Worth Fighting For

If you guys are super awesome and we get these ranked high enough, I'll do a giveaway for a signed copy of Having Hart. Right? Right. I won't tell you the magic number, but, there is one. 

Want a SLiW teaser? Of course you do! 

Um, *cough* Team Langston. 

Anyway, the copies of HH will be ordered soon. I will post my Paypal address and you can send your $15 there and message me your address. Please, do not include it in your Paypal message because I absolutely will not get it. I am technologically impaired. I WILL have copies of Having Hart for sale in Little Rock next year. That's a long fuckin' way away, I don't need to think about that right now. I'm rambling. 

I am (hopefully!) going to attempt to find the perfect cover of SLiW this weekend. Once I have that secured we still start looking forward to a release date(!!!). I cannot wait to share this book with y'all. I just can't. 

I'm done rambling, I swear. 


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Having Hart Announcement:

I have talked this announcement over until I'm blue in the face. And after the opinion of some very important people in my life, I have decided on the following: 

In light of recent events I do not feel it is appropriate for me to release Having Hart at this time. It is suspended indefinitely. The content is reflected in the things that have happened in the public in the last couple of weeks. With that being said, I cannot find it in my heart to put this book out right now. 

I will offer a print edition ONLY and you can read at your own risk. But, this is your fair warning. This book has subject matter that is sensitive and will break your heart. 

You may buy copies directly from me, in the next couple of weeks, for $15 and this will include your shipping. I will sign and number each copy. 

This does not and will not affect the sale that will go on for both Something Worth Fighting For and Silence. So, if you have not bought those yet, they will be on sale very, very soon starting at only .99 cents for your Kindle. I will still be giving copies of those away on my Facebook page. 

Thank you for understanding and I am so sorry if you are disappointed. 

I will be working on Street Light in Wonderland in the meantime and hopefully be able to move up its release date in light of this. That is definitely something to look forward to! 

Again, thank you, 


Monday, June 9, 2014

The Proof Is In The...

Mail. No, seriously, it is. Having Hart is finished, formatted, and on its way to me sometime this week. I'm ecstatic that it's finished. I'm worried about how it's going to be received though. It will most definitely not be everyone's cup of tea. That's okay, I'm not everyone's cup of tea. I'd rather be one person's shot of whiskey. 

With that being said, I am not moving on to finalizing Street Lights in Wonderland. It obviously has months and months before it is ready for release. So many, in fact, I have no idea when it will be released. At this point, I can only say it will be before the end of the year. 

If you do not follow me on Facebook, you really, really should. I'm much more entertaining than in blog form. Facebook 

What comes after SLiW? 

I wish I knew. There are several things I'm working on but at this point, I cannot say for sure what I'm doing next. Right now, I want to focus on the release of HH and prepping SLiW for its debut. 

You just want teasers. Who the hell am I kidding? 

I have one from SLiW. I am no longer posting teasers from HH since it's coming out so soon. OH! And the first two books will be on sale... soon. I can't remember if it's this weekend or next weekend. Either way, I'll post that too. I'll be giving away a copy of each! Then when Hart releases I will be giving away a copy of it as well. I also have a print ARC up for grabs. Stay tuned, kids. 

“Here’s the thing, Friendless Shaine, I’ve got a gypsy soul and my heart went wild one beat from my very first breath. I need a constant sense of adventure, lust, love, and to capture every moment of life as it is thrown at me. Are you in?”

I'll shut up now.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Uncharted Territory

Today I started something I thought I would never do. A follow up. What? Are you surprised? I sure as shit am. I have a serious dislike for sequels, they're never as good as the first. Which is why this may never see the light of day. But let it be known: 

Street Lights in Wonderland could very well have a second book. 

Pause, breathe, blink. 

Now, I did add a second part to Silence, yes. It is all included in one book though. This would be an entirely separate book/novella/novel? Fuck, I don't know yet. 

SLiW reads strictly in Shaine's POV. You see everything that she does, feel what she does, know what she does. But what about Langston? Would you want to know what he thinks? Now, before you get the wrong idea, this will not be SLiW repeated. I will absolutely not do that. Sorry, not happening. 

It would however take place five years after we left Shaine and Langston. 

I'm just thinking out loud here. I should really toss this idea to my beta's. 

The thing is, I adore Shaine and Langston. I just don't feel like their story is finished. I want to write more of them. While SLiW has an ending, there is room for more. 

Having Hart... I want to finish this, I do. So much so I have been threatened with the taking away of some of my favorite things if I do not work on it this week. Don't ask, you don't want to know the consequences of my procrastination. It's ugly. 

My head is talking out of my fingers again. 

Teasers? Teasers are good, right? 

"If a girl can feel so deeply that even death can't stop her heart from longing... That's the kind of girl whose world I want to be a part of." 

"It had always amazed me how the sun would perpetually die every night just so the moon could have its turn to shine.  How unselfish the sun must be to give up the place in the sky it so rightfully owned. To allow someone else in your spotlight so they could see the world from your point of view. In this life, I would be the sun and Shainelyn would always be the night sky. I would die thousands of deaths to give her the chance to shine her light on this fortunate world."

I really think that's all I have. Which mostly included a metric shit ton of rambling. 

Oh! Okay, so I'm going to be signing at the Little Rock Book Jam. Yes, it's next year. Yes, you really should be getting excited about it now though. So, make your plans to come see us then. Here is the link to the website and go find them on FB. I'm pretty sure there's a link to their page on mine. 

Little Rock Book Jam

Now, that's really all I have.