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Chapter Three

So I'm a little late posting this. If you know me well, you know that I'm late for everything. If you want me to be on time you should really tell me to be there 30 minutes earlier than I need to be. Anyway, here's your weekly dose of Adam and Darcy.

Chapter Three

Two weeks is a long freaking time when it comes to missing someone. Ellie was whining constantly about missing Atlas and wondering when they were going to get back. I pretended like it was annoying but secretly I was counting down the milliseconds until I saw Adam again.
I had yet to tell her that Adam and I had kissed let alone other things. Because who was I to tell that not only did he get me off, but I returned the favor. Although I’m pretty sure it’s in the best friend code that I have to share these things.
On the first date though, yeah, that kind of makes me sound like a slut.
I was biting my nails, pacing the floor, waiting for the seconds to tick down until he called. It’s bad enough when a girl has to wait for a guy to call after the first date. It’s worse when you know he literally can’t call. It’s two weeks of torture wondering what he is thinking, if he's okay, what he's doing, and whether or not he's talked to Atlas about me. Which I know he has and I will be forcing out of Ellie as soon as she's had enough time to get back down from Cloud Atlas.
Ellie had text-ed me that the guys came in about two this morning. So now, instead of doing the pile of homework I had, I was waiting, and pretending that I wasn't. This was not the Darcy Thomas I knew. She would have called him first! She would have marched right on over there and kissed that man already.
“I’ll just text him. I’ll just say something like welcome home, glad you’re back, whatever, and it’ll be fine.” I spoke out loud trying to convince myself. "It'll be cool. He won't mind. I mean, he said he would see me when he got back. So that means he wants to see me, right? Right!"
"Do all girls give themselves mental pep talks or have I just lost my fucking mind?"
The knocking on my door damn near gave me a heart attack. I gripped the knob, without looking through the peep hole, I threw it open to see Adam standing there in his uniform. “I had to go to base first.” He grinned as I threw my arms around him. “I missed you too.” He lifted me off of the ground, squeezing me so tight I almost couldn’t breathe.
“I was waiting for you to call, trying to convince myself it was okay to text you.” I admitted as he sat me back down inside the door.
“I figured in person was better than a phone call.”
“Every single time.” He gave me the full smile, the one that I learned he only reserved for times like these. Ducking his head, his lips found mine like a magnet.
“It’s good to see you, Sunshine.” I could feel his breath on my lips and even when it was 80 plus outside, I had goosebumps.
“Yeah, it’s good to see you too, Bama.”
“Still calling me that?”
“Only until it’s acceptable to call you 'baby' or something equally as cute.”
“I’m pretty sure you could whistle and I’d come running.” His nose ran the length of mine. “What do you call me to Ellie?”
“Why do you care?”
“I might have heard a rumor.”
“Oh? I didn’t take you as the type to listen to scuttling or water cooler gossip, whatever it's called.”
“Scuttlebutt?" His head fell back as he laughed. "I don't think I've heard anyone actually use that term. You've been listening to Master Gunny Grant too much." His hands wrapped around my waist, brushing the exposed skin from the rise of my shirt. "Adam freakin Thornbriar?”
“God, Adam freakin Thornbriar!” He started laughing again as I rolled my eyes at him. “I can go on the record and state that is true.”
“Because you get under my skin. You always have something equally as sarcastic to come back with to whatever I say. You make me grit my teeth and then want to kiss you. You’re Adam freakin Thornbriar.”
“I don’t know whether to smack your ass or kiss you.”
“If you’re going to smack my ass you better be pulling my hair.”    
“That smart mouth.”
“Do something about it.” I challenged.
“Those were the wrong words to say, Sunshine.” Before I could decide whether to run or smart off again, Adam had me picked up, and up against the wall. “Don’t ever tell me to do something about it and not expect me to actually do something.” His lips slammed into mine, our teeth clashing together, and two weeks disappeared in two seconds.
“Okay, okay,” he whispered, leaning his forehead against my chest. “I can get carried away with you all I want but it isn’t going to stop the fact that I really actually do need to talk to you.” He slid me down his body until my feet touched the floor. “I need to feed you, sit down and talk to you, and then and only then can I get carried away with you.”
“I think you’re punishing me.”
“Behave and I’ll reward you later.” He gave my ass a quick squeeze before walking to the door. “I have some clothes in the car, going to come back up and change then we can go eat.”
“Well okay then.” I left my bedroom door open while I changed out of my sweats and into jeans. Adam walked through like he owned the place and went straight to my bathroom.
“Darcy?” He asked hesitantly.
“What?” I was jumping up and down trying to get my jeans on.
“Can you come here?”
“Okay...” I button them as I leaned in the doorway.
“What the fuck is that?” He pointed to the eyelash curler sitting next to the sink. “Will it bite me? Is it used for torture?” He leaned over slowly, poking at it.
“It’s an eyelash curler, Bama.”
“You put that on your face?!”
“It’s like... medieval weaponry!”
“Oh my God, it’s not that bad.” I pushed past him, picking it up. “Watch,” I looked in the mirror, capture my eyelashes, and squeezed. “Ahhh!!” I screamed as Adam fell back against the wall. Turning around with the curler hanging from my eyelashes, his eyes nearly bulging out of his head.
“I’m so screwing with you.” I started laughing as I took it off and sat it back on the counter.
“Not cool.” He grabbed his chest as he stood back up. “Not cool at all.” He walked toward me until I was pressed back against the counter. “Payback is a bitch.”
“Bring it on, Bama.”
“Go get your pretty little self dressed before you cause more trouble than you can handle.”
“Didn’t you know?” I looked at him seriousness written all over my face.
“Know what?”
“Trouble is my middle name.”
“Sunshine,” he grabbed me around the middle pulling me between his legs. His hands ran down my bare back to my ass. Grabbing two handfuls, he pulled me roughly up against him. “You haven’t met trouble yet.”


We made it through dinner without leaving our clothes on the floor. Which, I guess, was a good thing, they frowned on that shit in public around here. Adam told me about his training and I told him about mine and Ellie’s epic shopping adventure.
“Do you like me, Darc?” Adam asked as we pulled up to the beach where he brought me last time.
“Do you actually have to ask that?”
“Yes, I do. I don't like assuming anything.”
“Of course, I like you, Adam. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.” I reached over the bench seat, taking his hand in mine. “I wouldn’t have spent two weeks worrying about you if I didn’t like you.”
“Then that answers the first part of this question.” He parked the truck and turned off the lights. I sat there in the dark watching him watch the moon. It reflected off his face, painting him in shades of gray.
“What’s the second part?”
“I don’t even know how to ask.” He admitted, running his hand over his face.
“You’re usually pretty blunt with me so that would be a good way to start.” I suggested as he opened his door.
“Let’s go for a walk.” He nodded toward the beach.
“A walk it is.” I jumped down from the truck and met him at the front. He didn’t hesitate to take my hand again. We walked along the paved path out to the pier with me swinging our hands between us. I knew Adam wasn't nearly as serious as Atlas so him acting like this had me on edge.
“I don’t know how anyone asks this without having a stroke or something.”
“Adam, it’s can’t be that serious. You’re making it a lot worse on yourself than it has to be.”
“Do you want to go steady with me?”
“What?” I covered my mouth to stifle my laughter.
“Dammit! I knew that was the wrong phrase. That’s the last time I ask my father any advice on girls.” He dropped my hand, grabbing the back of his neck. "Son-of-a-bitch." He mumbled making it sound like one long word.
“Oh no, Bama, it was so sweet!” I reached over taking his hand again, holding it against my chest.
“Do you want to be my girlfriend, Sunshine?”
“I would love to be your girlfriend, Bama. Now that wasn’t so hard was it?”
“I think I had a brain aneurysm.”
“Now what’s the rest of this talk we need to have? I'm so over this serious shit. It makes me antsy."
“That’s the part that I really, really don’t want to get to.” He looked down at me, studying me like I was a painting. “I want to remember you like this. This memory..." He pointed to his temple, smiling. "It’s a good one right now. The moon is in your hair and the sound of the waves. That’s good things. I'll take those with me.”
“Why do you store these memories? Take them with you?”
“So I’ll have something to think about when I’m in Afghanistan.”
“What?” I asked breathlessly. My chest constricted and I knew how Ellie felt for once in my life. I was drowning and there was no way up for air. I was grasping as straws trying to keep my shit together.
“We’re being deployed again.” I could feel my chin trembling as he said the words I didn’t want to hear. “Please don’t cry, Sunshine.”
“I’m sorry.” My voice was unsteady as I tried to swallow it down. 
"I am stronger than this; we are." I repeated at least a thousand times in two seconds.
“You don’t have to apologize.”
“I’m going to miss you.” I ran my hand down his chest until they reached his waist, the feel of muscle underneath the plaid fabric.
“You don’t have to miss me yet.” Adam leaned forward planting a small kiss on my forehead. “Let’s make the most of it until we leave, alright?"
“Yeah, definitely.”  

"Good, now I need to get you back to your apartment and show you exactly how you've been driving me crazy for the past two weeks." He grinned causing my own smile to crack across my lips. "And how you are killing me in them little bitty, skin tight jeans."

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The Art of Love and Loss: Adam and Darcy's story

Y'all have asked and I have delivered. From here on out, once a week, I will post a chapter or two from Adam and Darcy's story. It will never be a full length novel but a novella that I do not wish to traditionally publish. 

It's a win/win this way. You get your story and I don't have to make money in a way that doesn't seem fair to me. 

Without further adieu: 

The Art of Love and Loss
A Novella

To everyone who has ever had their happily ever after stop before an ever after had a chance to start.

Chapter One

“Dean? Are you home?” I asked, dropping my keys to the counter. The asshole was probably high again and asleep in the bed. I swear the only thing he ever did was come on, bitch at me, and then get high. “Dean?”
“What do you want?” He mumbled from under the covers.
“Seriously? It’s four in the afternoon. Did you have any plans to actually do anything marginally productive today?”
“This was productive.”
“You’re such an idiot.” I scowled, slipping out of my shoes, and threw my dirty clothes in the hamper. “I’m going to take a shower. I am driving out to Ellie’s tonight.”
“Are you fucking her or something?”
“Excuse me?!” My mouth fell open in shock. “Am I fucking Ellie? Are you for real right now?”
“You’re always with her.”
“She’s my best friend.”
“Mmhm,” he pulled the covers back over is head. “You’re fucking her.”
“Oh my God, I am going to kick you in the balls until you piss blood. You are so goddamn stupid.” I slammed the bathroom door, listening to him groan about the noise. I had no idea why I was still putting up with this shit.  Every day was a constant battle with him.
“You coming home tonight?” He yelled through the door as I shut the shower door trying to ignore him. “Darcy! I asked you a fucking question.”
“If you keep talking to me like that then no, I’m not.”
There was never any winning with him.
I washed the smell of seafood out of my hair and off my skin as quickly as possible. Throwing everything into my overnight bag, I dressed, and shut the bathroom door as quietly as possible. I hoped he had went back to sleep.
Grabbing my purse off the counter, I turned the corner to find Holden in the kitchen. “Where are you off to?” He asked, narrowing his eyes at me.
“I’m not up for your shit right now. Tell your brother to get his crap together. I’m tired of it.”
“Why don’t you tell him?”
“I fucking have! A thousand times now. He doesn’t listen to me. I don’t work double shifts to pay the bills so he can blow any money he makes on whatever he’s taking now.” I threw my hand in the direction of our bedroom. “I’m sick of it. You’re not any better. Just laying on the couch, coming in all hours of the damn night. I’m his girlfriend not y’alls mother!”
“Your girlfriend is pissed off again.” Holden yelled down the hall as I shoved my keys into my bag.
“What else is new!” Dean laughed as I rolled my eyes.
“Don’t be here when I get back.” I snapped at Holden, shutting the front door to drown out the laughter that was following me.
My phone was vibrating in my pocket as I slipped inside my Audi. “Hey bitch,” I answered with a fake, cheerful voice.
“Hey lover.” Ellie’s laugh filled my car as I put the speaker on.
“How’d you sleep?”
“Not great. I knew you had to work early so I just texted Atlas.”
“And how is lover boy this fine morning?”
“Fine as ever.”
“You’re damn right about that.”
“Tell me something I didn’t know.” She was happy for once. It had taken a long time for Ellie to find something that made her as happy as Atlas did. The problem was she didn’t realize she deserved that kind of happiness. I knew I deserved it but I settled for less.
“I’m on my way over there now.”
“Sounds good.”
“Love ya’.”
“Yup, love ya’ too, slut.” Ellie hung up leaving me shaking my head.
I couldn’t admit it to her but I was jealous of her. The love that Atlas had for her was borderline worship. He watched the way she moved, studied her like she was his favorite book, and when he didn’t think anyone else saw him, he painted her with colors that only he could see.
Dean and I had been together for years. When I met him I was so sure it was the forever kind of thing that Ellie has. Now, three years later, I realize it was the lust- not love.
I had been thinking of ending it with him for months now. I even told Ellie as much and when I tell her something there’s at least a 97% chance I’m going to go through with it. Unless, ya’ know, it’s murder, that falls in the other 3% that I just threaten to do.
The cabin doors were wide open as Ellie danced around with the music up. I sat in my car for a moment just watching her flourish. She was the sister I had never had and when she was happy the world was just a little bit of a happier place.
When I shut my door, she poked her head out the window, waving to me. Her crazy red curls were falling everywhere this morning and I was waiting for her to get tangled in them as she often did.
I grabbed my bag, shutting the car door with my foot, and climbed the stairs to find her already cleaning. “I said I would help!” I yelled over the music but she waved me off. “I’m taking it Pops isn’t here?”
Pops was Ellie’s Dad and was the most intimidating man on the planet. Master Gunnery Sergeant Benjamin Grant could scare the fur off a bear. But when I called “Dad” in Ellie’s phone our Freshman year because she was having a panic attack and he answered? All fear of him left me. The love he had for her could have taken down the Berlin Wall by itself.
“Nope, he went to base for a while. Said something about,” she used her best Pops impression, “paperwork and bullshit.” Her head moved side to side as she puckered her lips.
“You’re a loser. What all do we need to do today?”
“I need to go to the store, finish picking up some, I have a ton of shit to get out of the garage but I figured Atlas and Adam could help when they got here.”
“Might as well put them fine muscles to good use.”
“I got a good use for ‘em alright...” Ellie smirked as she took a long drink from her water bottle.
“Have you slept with him yet?”
“Have you rode him like Seabiscuit, bitch? I need to know these things!” I crossed my arms as her mouth fell open, water running down her chin. “Boys don’t like spitters, Ellie.”
“Oh my God, you horrible, horrible skank.” She started laughing, wiping her mouth off with the back of her arm. “No, we have not had sex yet.”
“Yet, keyword there.”
“Oh, I’d shag him like a carpet.”
“Like...” I shook my head. “Worst pun joke ever, you suck.”
“Come on! Shag? Shag carpet? I’m hilarious, fuck you.” She laughed as she skipped over to the stairs. “Going to get throw some clothes on this and we can go.”
I knew good and well she was going to go upstairs, throw on a long sleeved shirt, and her favorite flip flops. Ellie had covered herself in tattoos but was still self conscious of the scars that ran up her arms. Hers were on the outside for everyone to see where most people carried theirs as little dark marks on their soul. People like her deserved to wear them like a badge of honor, not be shamed for it.
“Hurry up!” I bounced from foot to foot. My phone was steady vibrating in my pocket but I had no patience left for Dean today. No one else called me other than Dean, Ellie, or the restaurant. I had already told the restaurant I wanted off for the rest of the day, Ellie was upstairs, and that only left Dean. Nope, I was determined to leave him out of my fun day.
“Alright, the girls gave us some money so let’s go buy as much food as we can.”
“How much food do you think we need?”
Ellie stopped in her tracks, holding the doorknob in her hand. “A lot, Darcy, a fuck of a lot.”
She’s joking, right?


Let the record show, Ellie Grant was not joking about getting enough food to feed everyone station at Lejeune. Yes, she had let me go do a little shopping beforehand so I couldn’t complain about her dragging me all over the grocery store too much.
I was upstairs unpacking food when Ellie’s phone started playing that stupid Neon Trees song she was in love with. I knew by the way she was squealing and of course, catching a glance of him out the window, Keller Grant was in the house.
I would never make a move on my best friends brother but if he made a move I wouldn’t hesitate to jump in the sack for a fling with him. He had that carnal vibe to him. The kind that once he had you naked he was going to do exactly what he wanted and you were damn sure going to enjoy it.
Ellie’s voice traveled upstairs as she spoke to Keller. “You’ll get to meet my...”
“Your what?” Keller’s deep voice made me want to squeeze my thighs together.
“Her gentleman caller? Man? Boyfriend? Her...” I waited, relishing the look on Ellie’s face, “Marine?” I smiled in sick satisfaction of catching her off guard.
If looks could kill I’d be dead right now. Ellie was glaring at me, her cheeks almost the color of her hair as she shot me her middle finger behind her back. I made kissing noises in reply. When she left to go back downstairs, I finally answered my phone.
“What Dean?” I snapped as I started opening bags of chips to dump in bowls.
“Did you tell my brother to get out?”
“I sure as shit did.”
“Why would you do that?”
“Because he’s a lazy bastard. It must be genetic.”
“You’re a self righteous bitch, you know that? I was serious earlier, I do think you’re fucking Ellie.”
“Oh yeah right! You’re being ridiculous.”
“You wouldn’t get so mad if it wasn’t true.”
“Fuck you so much.”
“Listen to me you stupid slut, no one will ever want you other than me. You’re fucking stuck with me and I don’t even want you. How pathetic are you? You just work your life away while I lay back like a king. It’s a good life for me so don’t go fucking that shit up. You are a useless piece of pussy that I occasionally get a thrill out of abusing for my own pleasure.”
I knew my mouth had to be hanging open like an idiot. No one had ever spoke to me the way Dean had. I was a tough girl, I knew better than to put up with people shit. The difference was when it was someone that you cared about that said these things.
“You’re just a cum dumpster for me to use.” He continued on. “You’ll be lucky if you’re shit is still here when you get back. I’ve been using you for years and you’re just now catching on? God, how stupid can you actually fucking be? You know, I do hope you’re happy with her though. She always looked like the kind that would be into chicks. A perfect little lesbian couple. It’s almost hot, you two should let me watch. I bet she’s a freak. She’s a freak isn’t she?”
Tears were rolling down my cheeks now. I wasn’t upset that we were breaking up, I was just that damn mad. He could say whatever he wanted to about me, that was fine but dragging Ellie into it when she did nothing wrong was pissing me off.
“Leave her out of this.”
“Aw, taking up for your girlfriend! It’s so sweet.”
“Fuck you. You’re nothing anyway. You think that little limp dick could have ever actually satisfied me?” I laughed. “I have a vibrator for a reason, baby.”
“We’re done. This shit is over.”
“Got you in your... soft... spot?” I smirked.
“Whatever bitch. I’m done with this shit.”
“Thank God. I can finally be done wasting my time with you.”
“Get the fuck out of my apartment.” I hung up, the adrenaline rush pushing me against the counter. “Ellie?”
“Yeah, I’m comin’ babe.” She took the stairs two at a time to see me crying like a loser in the kitchen. She threw her arms around me, my head falling on her shoulder. “Over isn’t it?”
“He broke up with me, calling me terrible things.” I sobbed. There was no denying what he said hurt. Did I believe it? Not really. Was I still hurting from it? Sure.
“Oh sweetie, we know it’s not true. He’s just an asshole. Besides you were thinking about breaking up with him anyway.” Ellie rubbed my back as I nodded, pushing my hair away from my face.
“Most guys are assholes.” My head raised up to see a man standing in the doorway. He wasn’t quite as tall as Atlas but built about the same. Lean and muscular with a heavy accent like Atlas’. I couldn’t help but laugh at his drawl. “In my opinion,” he continued taking a step back further into the house,” whoever this loser is deserves to have his ass kicked for making such a beautiful girl cry.”
Ellie let go of me as I wiped my eyes. “Darcy, Adam Thornbriar, Adam, my best friend Darcy Thomas.” She introduced us as Adam closed the distance. I stuck my hand out as he grinned then shook it.
“Pleasure to meet you.”
“Yeah, you too.” I knew I was blushing at the feel of his skin on mine. It was a cliche to say electric but something about it felt right. “I’m going to get clean up and get a drink.” I stumbled over my words and headed for the upstairs bathroom.
“We’ll go get your stuff and I’ll burn his house down tomorrow. To the fucking ground!” Ellie yelled after me and I couldn’t stop the laughter from spilling out of my mouth. She always had an eloquent way of threatening bodily harm. I shut the bathroom door and scrubbed my face free of the tears. There would be no more tears over Dean Vance. Screw him and the unicorn he thinks he rode in on.
Pulling my hair up into a ponytail, fresh faced, and ready to conquer, I crept down the stairs listening to Adam and Ellie. “So your friend...” I could see Adam pacing from where I was creeping.
“Adam her boyfriend of four years just broke up with her!” Ellie scolded him.
“I know, I know! She’s just... It’s just that... I’ve never seen a girl look so pretty when she cries.”
My heart stuttered as a smile found my lips. He was pacing, his hand rubbing over his face. The poor man looked clearly flustered.
“Aww... Adam Thornbriar is a romantic!”
I fell back on my ass, ignoring the rest of their conversation. There was no denying that he was hot. I mean, every girl had a fantasy about a man in uniform, right? His hair was close cut but I imagined it was a reddish blonde when it was grown out. He had that five o’clock perfect shadow that I thought only David Beckham could make look sexy. I caught a glimpse of a gap between his top teeth when he grinned, and a small cleft in his chin. He was all rugged manly man completely unlike Dean.
I had never been more attracted to someone at first sight than that man downstairs. That includes Keller Grant, monumental breakthrough award goes to Adam Thornbriar.
“Ellie!” Adam called out. “Ellie! Goddammit, Ellie!” He huffed in defeat as he stepped back inside the cabin.
“Ellie is a hard egg to crack.” I said quietly as I walked downstairs.
“How much of that were you listening to?”
“Oh, I’ll never tell.”
“I see how it is.” His top lip curled upward as he watched me walk across the room. “What’s the deal with her?”
“Ellie has had a really hard life. She doesn’t understand that everyone loves her just because she’s her. When someone tells her that she doesn’t believe them because she doesn’t feel she’s worth it.” I explained as I poured a little Jack into my Coke.
“And what about you?” Adam’s voice was closer now as I turned around to see him standing across from me.
“What about me?”
“What do you think you deserve?”
The question took me by surprise and there weren’t many things that took me by surprise. I took a sip from the red plastic cup, holding it to my lips as I thought it over. “More than what I had for what it’s worth.”
“That’s the wrong answer, Darcy Thomas.”
“Excuse me?” I stopped mid drink.
“That’s the wrong answer.” Adam took another step toward me, removing the cup from my hand. His fingertip grazed my bottom lip, wiping the condensation left over from where the cup had been. “The correct answer is: The very damn best.”
I was breathless.


Adam convinced me to at least hang out with him. Which given the fact we were at a part, I could live with those terms. I knew there was a good chance that I would have to see him again being around Atlas and Ellie. I wasn’t quite sure I was ready for that though. Why jump out of one thing just to get in another?
I could feel his eyes on me, watching me in what I would normally deem as creepin’ it real kind of way. Adam didn’t come across as a creep though. His stare was almost endearing. He watched me like a movie, like it had captivated him, and he was just waiting for the next scene.
Keller called out to Ellie, waving her guitar back and forth. It had been forever since she played in front of anyone. “But you’re so good!” I nodded, egging her on.
Eddie snatched up the guitar, singing loudly, and off key in Spanish. I covered my ears giving Ellie a pleading look. When she snatched the guitar out of his hands we let go a collective sigh of relief.
“She is so good.” I gushed, clapping. Toby was telling Atlas how she used to play all the time. I knew she had stopped outside of class because she was scared of the criticism.
Adam wasn’t paying attention to what Toby was saying. He had moved closer to me, his fingers dancing across the sand to mine. I looked down when he picked my hand up and laced his fingers between my own. I was skeptical but I didn’t pull away. The draw of him was just too much for even me to fight against.
“Any request?” She asked nervously.
Mumford & Sons!" You always do them justice.”
Ellie took a deep breath and began plucking the strings of her guitar. Adam looked between me and her as I started laughing when she began to sing. Everyone around us just stared at her and all the while Adam was staring at me.
“I told you guys!” I said over the chatter, rolling my eyes. “Idiots,” I mumbled under my breath as Adam laughed. “Sing something else.”
Her and Keller argued for a minute but when she started to strum again Adam stood up. I looked up at him as he stuck his hand out toward me. “Come on,” he mouthed as I shook my head. “Dance with me, Darcy.”
I took his hand, getting to my feet, and with one quick move I was against him. “Oh,” I whispered as he smiled. My hand found the back of his neck and his landed on my lower back. His calloused thumb brushed along the bare skin giving my chills. I leaned my head against his shoulder, letting him lead me.
“You are beautiful, Darcy Thomas.” Adam spoke directly into my ear. “As long as I live, wherever I go, I will always think of the girl I danced with on the beach by fire light. Thank you for this  memory.”

Chapter Two

“Please Darcy?” Ellie begged on the other end of the line. I was laying on the couch of my new apartment staring at the ceiling. There was no denying that I could not stop thinking about Adam but I wasn’t sure I was ready to go out.
“I don’t know, El. It hasn’t been that long.”
“Have you texted him?”
“I know you have.”
“You... bitch!”
“I know.” She said smugly. “Come on, I really want the apartment tonight for Atlas and I.”
“And what do you plan to do in there?”
“You know exactly what I want to happen!”
Poor, sweet Ellie was sexually frustrated. For some reason her man wasn’t putting out and she didn’t know why. The guys were leaving for two weeks on the field and she was going to try and drop the “let’s have sex” bomb on him.
“I’ll go shopping with you. You can drag me wherever you want and I won’t bitch once.”
“You just said the magic words...”
“Ah, fuck.” Ellie sighed as I laughed maniacally.
“Fine, I will go out with Adam freakin’ Thornbriar if it will make you happy.”
“It would make me ecstatic! And Adam freakin' Thornbriar."
Yeah, me too!
“Tell him to call me. I know he’s in the background, I can hear him yelling at the TV.”
“PlayStation time with Montes.”
“Alright, love you.”
“Love you, hooker.”
Huffing, I sat up and looked in the mirror across the room. “Oh God, I actually have to brush my hair today? Nope, fuck that.” My phone started ringing next to me, the generic, old fashioned, phone ring.
“Hello?” I answered not bothering to check it.
“I was told you call you.”
“Ah, yes, how are you, Bama?”
“Bama, seriously?”
“It was either that or cousin fucker.”
“Christ.” He started laughing, coughing, as a satisfied smile found my lips. “You’re harsher than the guys.”
“It’s a talent.” I looked down at my nails wondering if I should paint them. “Don’t you have something to ask me?”
“I do?” I could hear Ellie in the background yelling at him.
“You idiot!! I called and begged her to go out with you so you better fucking ask her out! God, do I have to screw her for you too?!”
“Jesus, feisty, calm down.” Atlas was laughing like a hyena.
“I do!” He announced.
“I think we just got married.”
“Arguing included? I’m fairly certain they’ve been married for ten years and don’t know it.”
“Oh good, something we can agree on.”
“Okay! Darcy Thomas, will you please, please do a desperate man a solid and go out with me tonight?”
“Adam freakin’ Thornbriar I thought you would never ask. I always love to go out with desperate men.”
“I will pick you up at six. I’m sure Ellie with give me specific directions. I would tell you to make yourself extremely beautiful but you already do that naturally.”
“Nice! Solid line, bro!” Montes yelled in the back.
“Well with lines like that I might even wear matching panties, you lucky bastard, you.”
“Prove it.”
“Kiss my ass.”
“Don’t tempt me.”
“You’re good at this. I like you.” I hung up before he had a chance to respond. Not a minute later a text popped up on my screen.

AFreakinT: I like you.
Darcy: Good to know.
AFreakinT: You like me.
Darcy: I was being nice.
AFreakinT: You’re a terrible liar.
Darcy: I’m an excellent liar. Ask your conspirator.
AFreakinT: She said to be nice to me.
Darcy: Nope. Every woman for themselves.
AFreakinT: You’re going to love me, Darcy. Wait and see.
Darcy: Don’t hold your breath. Only doing this so El can get her Shag McNasty on with Alpha male.
AFreakinT: ...Her... Shag...Mc...Nasty?
Darcy: The deed? Bumpin’ uglies? Screw? Bang? Fuck? Make Love? Whoopie? Sucking Love? Pussy pounding? Baby makin’? All just a pony painted a different color, Bama.
AFreakinT: Tears, Darcy. Laughing for days.
Darcy: Good to know I’m useful for something. What do I wear?
AFreakinT: Something sexy? See you at six, beautiful.
Darcy: Sexy, huh? Six it is.

I sat my phone down, shaking my head. What was it about him that got under my skin the way he did? Damn me for wanting to see him naked.
Checking the clock on my cell phone, because really, who wore a watch anymore? I had less than two hours to get ready.


Adam freakin’ Thornbriar was punctual, I give him that. At exactly six, maybe second before, the doorbell rang. “Just a second!” I called out as I slipped on my second chocolate brown cowboy boot. I opened the door to find him standing there with roses.
“Wow, flowers for a first date?”
“So this is a date?”
“I was under the impression.”
“Just making sure.” He handed me the flowers, stepping into the apartment. “Damn, Darc.”
“What?” I laughed as I went into the kitchen to put the flowers in water.
“I was just joking about that sexy thing but shit.”
“Is it too much?” I looked down at the simple cream colored lace dress and back up at him.
“No sunshine’, it’s just fine.”
“Okay then...” I caught the inside of my jaw between my teeth to keep from smiling. “Are you ready to go?”
“Yes ma’am.” He met me at the door where I finally got a good look at him. Plaid button up shirt, tight jeans but not those pansy boy skinny jeans, and boots. Go figure.
“You look nice.” I smiled up at him, patting his chest as he closed the door behind us.
“A compliment from you, Miss. Thomas?”
“Don’t get used to it, Bama.”
“I wouldn’t dare.” He opened the door to his truck, holding my hand to help me up. I was shocked that he didn’t even cop a feel.
“Where are we going?”
“Why don’t you just simmer your pretty little self down and enjoy the ride?”
“Alright then,” I had been put in my place. Kicking up my boots ont he dash, I rolled down the window, and enjoyed the ride.
Twenty minutes later he was pulling up to the empty side of the beach. “What on Earth...” I mumbled, sitting up straighter. There was a single empty pier with a table and chairs. “Are you kidding me?”
“Nope,” he said as he hopped down from the truck. He went to the bed, picking up a basket.  I opened the door as he reached for my hand. “You look like the kind of girl that uses her attitude to hide the fact she really likes these kind of things.”
“How did you do this so fast?”
“Never underestimate the power of group of determined Marines.” I think his smile started at his hairline and worked it’s way to his lips.
“This is pretty amazing.” He held my hand as we walked across the sand.
“Good,” he sat the basket on the table and pulled out my chair. “There ya’ go.” Pushing me in, he walked to the other side and sat down in the chair that was far too small for him.
“You look so uncomfortable.”
“It’s not that bad.” He laughed as he started pulling things out of the basket.
“Penelope Grant...” I hissed as Adam freakin’ Thornbriar beamed at me.
“I had some help.” Adam pulled out my favorite bread from an Italian restaurant across town, the amazing bacon and leek quiche from the one French restaurant in fifty miles, and my absolute favorite pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
“She’s in so much trouble.”
“I might have already had this planned and she just set it up for me.”
“That’s kind of cocky don’t you think?”
“No, Darcy, I think it’s wishful thinking.”
“Shut up and hand me that ice cream.”
Fact of the matter: I stood no chance against Adam freakin' Thornbriar.


“You coming in?” I asked as I opened the door. Adam had made me laugh, made me swoon, and was leaving tomorrow for two weeks.
“Am I invited?”
“What are you a vampire? Can’t come in unless you’re asked?”
“That smart mouth, I swear.” He laughed as he followed me inside.
“Make yourself comfortable. Want something to drink?”
“Do you have any beer?”
“Do I have any beer? What kind of question is that? Of course I do.” I pulled two bottles from the fridge and popped the tops. “Here ya’ go.” I sat down next to him, pushing off my boots as he took a long drink.
“Thank you.”
“So you live alone?”
“Not even a cat?”
“Do I look that fucking lonely?”
“This small talk thing...” He sat his beer on the coffee table as soon as I did.
“Yeah, I’m over it.”
I turned around, wrapping my hand around the back of his neck, and smashed my mouth against his. He wasted no time picking me up and sliding me on top of his lap. His tongue passed across my bottom lip and I instinctively opened my mouth to let him in.
Adam’s hands gripped my hips, holding me still as he explored what felt like every inch of my mouth. My fingertips ran over the close shave of his head to the front of his shirt. When he pulled my bottom lip between his teeth, I balled the material between my fingers, gasping.
His erection was digging into my thigh, stealing my attention away from the fact his hands had moved down to my ass. My lips moved from his, down his jaw, and to his neck. I nipped at his neck until I reached just between his neck and shoulder. His head fell back, muttering something under his breath that sounded a lot like, “oh fuck.”
I wrapped my lips around the skin between my teeth, tongue brushing against it as I sucked. Adam moved quickly, picking me up, and laying me back down on the couch. He moved between my legs, parting them with his knees as he hovered over me. “I don’t want to have sex with you, Darcy. That does not mean that I will stop at the opportunity to savor you.”
Adam pulled my hair out from under me, laying it above my head. He started at my temple and made a perfectly paved path to my ear. The tip of his tongue traced the edge until his lips fell behind it. “You smell like strawberries.” His voice was low in my ear as his hand glided up my inner thigh. “The only thing I want from you tonight is to watch you say my name and leave with your scent on me.”
“What are you waiting for?” I looked up at him through a hooded stare. His hand went up to my stomach, sliding over my skin, giving my chills all over again.
“Are you cold?”

“I didn’t think so.” His fingers slid into the waistband of my panties. I was practically salivating waiting for him to touch me. I bit my bottom lip, his eyes locking onto mine as his hand hovered over me for a just a second. Leaning over, he pulled my lip from between my teeth and captured it with his own and his finger sank inside of me.

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