Monday, April 28, 2014

Cover Reveal: Having Hart

I've already had several questions about the cover of Having Hart. The main one is: Why is it so plain?! 

Having Hart is a complicated book for me. While Marlow and Hart were fun to write, they're funny, sarcastic, and well, Hart is simply Hart. It does have some very serious moments in it. 

Now, I did think of putting a model on the cover. 

But in the end, I wanted something different. I didn't want something that looked like the cover of every other contemporary/new age/whatever label you want to put on it, romance novel. Now, I understand that people are going to skip over this book because of a so-called "boring cover". But if they take two seconds to read the back/blurb, I think they're going to see something there. And if they don't, well, then they're missing out. 

Blurb for Having Hart: 

"I hope you live a beautiful life, Hart Ellis Adler. It is what you absolutely deserve. I know I will think of you often for you have been part of all of my favorite memories.
But make no mistake, you will from now on be the worst part of my favorite memories."

Marlow Tayte fell in love with Hart Alder at first sight, as cliché as it might be. But the feeling was definitely not mutual. After the most humiliating introduction in history, he left her in the worst spot imaginable, the friend zone. 

Two years later, Marlow is still in love with her best friend. The worst part? Marlow thinks Hart has no idea. 

Hart Alder is a proud notch on more than one girls bedpost. He drinks too much, talks with his fists, and has no problem taking home any girl that looks his way. 

There has only been one girl he ever truly wanted and it's the one he doesn't deserve. His best friend, Marlow. 

After a tragedy befalls the Tate family, Hart will realize that tomorrow is never guaranteed for anyone. He knows he has to get the only girl who has ever mattered. Only once he has her, he knows, keeping her is not an option.

A fateful decision, a broken heart, and a shattered trust.

Hart leaves Marlow at the lowest she has ever fallen. Her only choice is to start her life over, far, far away from Hart. But when he shows back up, she just can't make her own heart listen to her head. How do you leave behind the only person you've ever loved

What seems unforgivable will fail in comparison to what life has planned for them.

A story about forgiving all that is seemingly unforgivable.

If that didn't grab your attention, maybe a snippet will? 

“You know I can’t love you, Low. I don’t know how to. No one ever taught me how to love someone.” Hart reached out to touch me, causing me to jerk away as if he had burned me. 

“Love is not something someone teaches you, Hart! It’s something you feel; it’s an emotion. It’s not an equation, there is no formula, nothing there to decipher, there is no X or Y you can solve for. You learn how to love by loving someone, from experiencing it. Not how to love someone because a person necessarily taught you how. No professor or book can show you how to do it. It’s something that just happens and you buckle up and go for the ride. Whether that’s a straight and narrow road or a roller coaster. You hold on with both hands, hold your breath, and let go. Sometimes it comes to an abrupt end with a sudden jerk, or a short walk with a sudden stop on a dead-end street. Then every once in a while something special happens and it turns into a road trip. Your trip around the world. It’s taking the long way with someone that already feels like home.” I choked out the words, pushing away from him. 


“Thank you though, you just made my decision for me. I think that was just about the worst thing I’ve ever had to hear. No reason for you to come over now, right? I mean there can’t possibly be anything else you can hurt me with. Unless maybe you want to tell me that Dawn’s pregnant and you’re getting married because that would be the cherry on top of this shit cupcake.” I held my hands up to keep him from touching me again. Apparently butterflies don’t give a crap about my broken heart. 

“Would you let me finish? Just let me speak!” Hart hissed as I took another step back. “Give me five minutes, Marlow, please.” 

“Why would I want to hear anymore, Hart? I give up, I’m no match for you. I will gladly fall on the sword to keep this from going on. You have a far superior powers when it comes to hurting me. You win and I am bowing out gracefully.” I curtsied, then turned with a quick snap. And with my head down to the ground, eyes blurred with unshed tears, I walked into my next class. 

Leaving both Hart and my own heart behind me yet again. 

What else? God, you want more? Greedy, greedy, I swear. Fine, I also have the name of book four and a teaser for it! 

The name of book four... Drum roll, if you please? 

Street Lights in Wonderland

“Thanks,” he grinned, standing back up. “So, tell me, do you have a boyfriend? Or a girlfriend? I won’t judge.” 

“I am in a very serious relationship.” 

“Oh, anyone that goes here?” 

“Afraid not.” 

“What’s his name?”

“Netflix, we’re really hitting it off well. I can see it lasting for a while. Going the distance, ya’ know.”

Langston stared at me for a moment, blinking rapidly, his face contorted in a mix of confusion and amusement. “You have a sense of humor.” He finally started laughing. “That automatically makes you at least 76.3% better than any of the other girls here.”

“Well, I do aim to be an overachiever.”

“Want to go do something?”

“Huh?” I laughed incredulously, looking around the parking lot. “With me?”

“Yes, Friendless Shaine, I want to go do something with you.” He leaned against my car, reaching out to brush my hair away from my face.

“And what did you have in mind Langston but not Hughes?”

“Here’s the thing, Friendless Shaine, I’ve got a gypsy soul and my heart went wild one beat from my very first breath. I need a constant sense of adventure, lust, love, and to capture every moment of life as it's thrown at me. Are you in?”

I looked up at Langston, tilting my head to the side, and for the first time in a long while a genuine smile graced my lips. “Langston but not Hughes, I am so in.”

There will be much more about book four later. Probably around/after Having Hart is released so stay tuned! 

That's all I've got. Seriously, this time. That's it. 



Monday, April 21, 2014

Silence answered: SPOILER ALERT.

Obviously whenever you publish a new book there are a lots of questions to be asked about who, what, when, where, and why. So I'm going to answer some of those pesky lingering questions about Silence. 

The one I get most often: 

What happened to Jane? 

In part one of Silence you meet Layna's mother, Jane. But in part two it seems as if she has flipped her switch completely. The thing is: She has. The death of a child is something I have seen first hand. From a dear family friend to my own family. When I was seventeen my brother died. Not in the same fashion as Taylor but nonetheless my parents lost a child. 

Now I am not saying that what Jane does is what happened to be personally. No, that's not the case at all. But I do know that one of two things happens. You either become better or bitter. In Jane's case, she became bitter. Jane blamed Layna. In in an outright sense but in a way all she could see was that Layna was the last one to see Taylor alive. Layna lived and Taylor didn't. And even though Jane will never know what happened in that car, she'll always know that her oldest daughter was the one behind the wheel. Did Layna cause the accident? No. But in her own screwed up way, that didn't matter. 

Soon after the accident was when Layna became pregnant with Monet. Jane had just lost her daughter and now one of hers was bringing a child into the world. No parent wants to see their teenager pregnant. (Unless you're seriously screwed up.) She told Layna she had two options: Adoption or Get Out. As in the book, adoption was not a choice for Layna. So she left. In Jane's eyes, Layna chose, what Jane saw as a huge mistake, over being there, going to school, and getting the help that, let's face it, Layna needed. 

All of Jane's children are gone. Lennix is in college, Layna is in Austin with Lennix, and Taylor is dead. All she has is time to sit around and think. Think about Taylor, what Layna had or had not done. She grew more and more bitter just sitting there in her misery. 

That's what happened to Jane. 

What happened to Kegan? 

I always had a soft spot for Kegan. He was funny, outgoing, caring, and a total man-slut. But much like Lennix, Kegan harbored a secret. Kegan is gay. 

When Lennix moved to Austin to go to school, he obviously was around Kegan. At the time Layna was living in an apartment with Lennix. (For those of you who haven't read the book, I should have said this was a huge spoiler. The entire blog.) When Lennix and Kegan started dating or sleeping with each other rather, Lennix didn't dare tell Layna. How would that look? Her brother dating the brother of her ex who she is currently pregnant by? Yeah, no. 

Layna and Kegan. Oh boy. The way Kegan treated Layna was for two reasons. 1) To make sure she wasn't using Finn. He wanted to see if she would sleep with him to get to his brother. Hell no she wouldn't. Come on, it's Layna. That was not going to happen. 2) Kegan is in hardcore lust with her brother. He doesn't want to admit he's gay. He's pissed at the entire world for the way he feels and Layna just looks like a good target. 

I write briefly about Kegan's alcohol and drug use. Unfortunately men and women like Kegan (who struggle with their sexuality) do turn to substance abuse. Kegan did this. Now, let's look at life from Kegan's view when we catch up with them in part two. 

Kegan is gay. He's hiding it from himself and Finn. He's drinking, using, and the guy that broke his heart? Yeah, his little sister just showed back up in his brothers life. Oh, and they have a kid together. Hello downward spiral, I've been meaning to get to you. Kegan is going to be an asshole. He doesn't want Finn and Layna together. He knows how he's treated Layna and once Finn gets his hands on that information? That can't be anything good for the two of them. 

He's not only protecting himself but Finn. 

He's also fighting his own demons. Drugs, alcohol, sleeping with women even though he's attracted to men. You're getting my point, right? 

Layna and Finn's personalities:

Now from my point of view, they don't change too terribly much. They just grow up. Who isn't different from the person they were in high school? I know I am damn sure am. I would never want to be that girl again. Not that Finn and Layna were bad people but they just simply grew up. 

Layna is a little bit harder than she was in HS. Why? The death of her sister, a single mother, a bad relationship, oh, and there's her bitch mother. Yeah, those things have a way of making you a little harder on the outside and a little broken on the inside. She knows she hurt Finn. There was no two ways about that. She pushes him away to protect both of them. 

Finn, oh, dear sweet Finn. When we left Finn, Layna had just broke his heart. He went to college, partied his ass off, slept with a bunch of different girls, and then finds Layna in the last place he expected. On top of that, he just found out his has a child. He's pissed off, he's still in love with Layna, and she doesn't want to be with him. 

The truth is: They just grew up. Everyone changes. 

Let's talk about sex, baby: 

These were the funnier questions for me to answer. "How come the sex scenes are so different?!" 

Um, hello. I can bet your first few times getting laid is far different from how you are getting it now. Hell, the guy you were with was probably so damn scared he couldn't even get it up! 

Awkward first sex to two (in Finn's extreme case) experienced people? Sex is going to change. We went from sweet, strange, and just being teenagers to two adults who just fucking want each other. 

Who doesn't like a little pin me up against the wall sex? Anyone? No? My point exactly. 

As they matured so did the sex scenes. You wouldn't want the same awkward sex with someone that you had in high school. No, that's just ridiculous. You would want straight combustibility. That's what Finn and Layna have. They're adults people. Get used to it. 

Where is Claudia? 

The better question is: Who the fuck cares? Would you want to talk to the monster that abused you? No? I didn't think so. 


Okay, I've had mixed reviews about the flashbacks in part two. They're memories people, yes, they're going to be in there. I understand that some of you think it's redundant. I get that, I do. Some of them will be removed later when we go back for re-editing and formatting. But right now, they're there. I understand that you're reading the same thing again but people, it's just that, a memory for them. Does that make sense? Yes, again, we'll remove some of them. I'm sorry that you guys are kind of hating that. 

Yes, I do plan on re-editing some of this for some grammar mistakes. I know they're there. My lovely group of editors suck. No offense to them but... yeah. 

Alright, I think that's all I'm going to answer for now. There might be a part two of this later? I'm not sure. I hope that answers some of your questions and that you might be able to see it (mostly part two) from a different point of view. I know this was really long and a lot of rambling and I apologize for that. But I'm hoping I answered some of your questions and gave you a better understanding of not only how I saw the book but how I wanted them to be. 

Having Hart comes on June 27th. Whoa, that's like two months away. I really need to get busy on that. Hopefully I'll have a cover to show soon! So my bloggers, I have one on board, if anyone else wants it, let me know! 

That's all for now. 



P.S. I'm sorry for the million typo's this probably has. I have two small children at my feet... Lol. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Tell me something I don't know, okay? However the only thing I'm slacking on is writing the updates for Adam and Darcy's story. You will be pleased to know that I finished the first round of edits for Having Hart today. 

Hart and Marlow's story is so good it hurts. No really, I cry every time I read it. The feels... OH, the feels. Ugh. 

Since I've been such a terrible blogger I will leave you a couple of teasers. Will that make up for it? Huh? A little? Maybe? Pretty please? 

"I hope you live a beautiful life, Hart Ellis Adler. It is what you absolutely deserve. I know I will think of you often for you have been part of all of my favorite memories.

But make no mistake, you will from now on be the worst part of my favorite memories. 

I hope one day that you lose yourself. May wherever you do this be somewhere that allows you to do so completely. And when you rise from the ashes of your former self you come back with a new-found grace and humility. Because it is by grace and humility that we learn how to humbly live our lives in a way that others may respect."

Marlow Tayte "Having Hart" 

"I had never seen anyone cry so much in my life. I was never a guy that cried and sure, I had made girls cry before but never the way Low had. It was the face of true heartbreak. The kind of heartbreak that permanently changes people."

Hart Adler "Having Hart" 

“You’re the girl I hold in a higher regard than everyone else. The princess up on the pedestal, virtually untouchable by lesser men. You’re the one that everyone has to try to live up to yet never does. I just never realized it until I didn’t have you.”

Hart Adler "Having Hart" 

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