Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Anyone else ever feel like there is something you're supposed to be doing, but you just can't quite put your finger on what that thing might be? That is quite possibly the story of my life. While it would be a very short, rather boring and uninformative life, it would be mine. 

What have I been doing? Right, that's why you're here. 

Having Hart is almost finished! Whaaaaat? That's right. It will, in fact, be ready on time for the June 27th release date. That kicks a whole lot of ass. 

Want to know what else? The very first draft of Street Lights in Wonderland is finished as well! There is no set date or even a tentative release date on it yet, but sooner rather than later? Later rather than sooner? I haven't decided. 

I should have teasers to put in here. I really, really should. I just don't... At the moment. Mostly because I can't remember what I've already posted and I suck for that. Wait, I do! At least for SLiW. I've posted a lot about HH already so you pretty much know that it's going to be awesome. I now must work on getting you all hyped up for SLiW. And honestly, very honestly, it's my favorite book so far. That's saying something because I love, love, love SWFF. 

Speaking of SWFF and Silence, they will be undergoing edits... Again. At some point this summer. I doubt there will be a new cover, but who knows! I could surprise you. I'll stop rambling and give you what you came for. Teasers: 

“I wonder if Alice ever wanted to stay in Wonderland.” I said quietly. 
“What do you mean?” 
“If maybe Alice tried to kill herself and that’s why she ended up in Wonderland. If falling through that mirror was just a metaphor for her trying to end her own life. Maybe that is the in-between stage. Her personal version of purgatory. It seems like it would be a nice place to be.” 
“Do you want to kill yourself, Shaine?” Travis’ voice hitched. 
“It would make breathing so much easier.” I took a labored breath. “I think I would just really like to be Alice for a little while.”

"I never think too much anymore. Life is so delicate, Shaine. If I think too much about every little thing that could go wrong," Langston took a deep breath, shaking his head as he blew it out all at once. "I don't think I would ever get over it. I would be stuck unreasonably worried about how to make a sand castle build on the shore not fall victim to the waves. I realized that I would have to just let it go and let life happen." 

That's all for now! 


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Street Lights in Wonderland

I knew at some point I needed to make this post. Since I'm over 150 pages and 50,000 words into SLiW, I figured it's about time to let y'all in on what it's all about.

SLiW starts out with grief in the most raw, painful form. It deals with the highs and the lows and the moving on. I know grief personally. I know how it takes you on a rollercoaster ride, chews you up, spits you out, and leaves you aching to your core. It's a brutal ride with a few beautiful stops on the way. 

It's waking up one day knowing that you're not going to physically hurt at someones loss. 

That's how we get Shainelyn. 

Shainelyn is dealing with the suicide of her boyfriend, Nick. She is a piano prodigy without a name. She breathes classical music like people breathe air. But she is broken, like so many people are, because of suicide. That's when she stops playing and just gives up, just survives.

Now I need to stop here and address this: 

Suicide is not something that needs to be whispered about. It needs to be shouted about from the fucking rooftops because every single day there is someone struggling with making that decision. There is always someone looking for a reason to keep going on. To wake up again the next day. 

It's finding light in the dark. 

And that's when Shaine meets Langston. 

Langston is the epitome of free. He's laid back, funny, charismatic, adventurous, smart, and gives Shaine a reason for wanting to move on. Langston helps Shaine realize that it's okay to keep loving someone who is gone, but it's also okay to fall in love again. 

Friendless Shaine and Langston but not Hughes, of course, have a beautiful love story. And with all my books, there is a twist. This twist, this one is good. It turns the entire story upside down and inside out. 

This book is unlike my others. The characters are just as real as the other books, if not more so, but Shaine and Langston are very special to me. They have a relationship that doesn't start out at love at first sight. It starts out as a friendship that turns into something more. It's finding strength, courage, and life after the worst. 

Alright, now I know some of you love to imagine what characters look like. That's fine and I like to do that as well. But for those of you who want my ideas of who Shaine and Langston are: 

I know my ladies will give me their ideas once they read about these two. But if I had to choose, this would be them. Okay, enough of my rambling. Here's your damn teaser. 

“Thanks,” he grinned, standing back up. “So, tell me, do you have a boyfriend? Or a girlfriend? I won’t judge.” 

“I am in a very serious relationship.” 

“Oh, anyone that goes here?” 

“Afraid not.” 

“What’s his name?”

“Netflix, we’re really hitting it off well. I can see it lasting for a while. Going the distance, ya’ know.”

Langston stared at me for a moment, blinking rapidly, his face contorted in a mix of confusion and amusement. “You have a sense of humor.” He finally started laughing. “That automatically makes you at least 76.3% better than any of the other girls here.”

“Well, I do aim to be an overachiever.”

“Want to go do something?”

“Huh?” I laughed incredulously, looking around the parking lot. “With me?”

“Yes, Friendless Shaine, I want to go do something with you.” He leaned against my car, reaching out to brush my hair away from my face.

“And what did you have in mind Langston but not Hughes?”

“Here’s the thing, Friendless Shaine, I’ve got a gypsy soul and my heart went wild one beat from my very first breath. I need a constant sense of adventure, lust, love, and to capture every moment of life as it's thrown at me. Are you in?”

I looked up at Langston, tilting my head to the side, and for the first time in a long while a genuine smile graced my lips. “Langston but not Hughes, I am so in.”